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Richard Pousette-Dart

Richard Pousette-Dart: East River Studio

(detail) Richard Pousette-Dart, East River Sun, 1947-1949, Oil on linen, 55 1/2

Caleb de Jong reviews the exhibition Richard Pousette-Dart: East River Studio at Luhring Augustine, on view through December 17, 2011.

De Jong notes that the"works on display were created in a five year period from 1946-1951... [and are] raw and gorgeously incoherent. Bordering on the amateur, Pousette-Dart undermines any classicism inherent in abstract art's utopian promise. Restricting himself to black and white, as Pollock and de Kooning had during this time, Pousette-Dart moved away from the refined elegance displayed by those two artist’s efforts into a funky eclecticism."